[On-demand] Explore A New Breakthrough to Your Solvent Extraction Workflow


Explore A New Breakthrough to Your Solvent Extraction Workflow

Testing laboratories, such as those that assess environmental contaminants and pesticides, are given the task of streamlining the extraction of many sample times concurrently. Often, issues like these can be solved using automated systems. In this webinar, we will discuss the simplification of the sample preparation and extraction process for a variety of matrices using a versatile automated extraction system. We will show that this instrumentation performs extractions with high extraction efficiencies and excellent repeatability for different applications. Incorporating automated systems into the extraction workflow increases throughput, results in time savings, and combats user error.

We will also share some insight on PFAS which can be a tricky substance to analyze. Known as the "forever chemicals", they are abundant in most products we use and are in a process of rapid bioaccumulation in both plants and animals. Testing for these known carcinogens has become increasingly important, as is making sure the testing equipment is clear of all PFAS residue prior to analysis.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Learn how to combine workflows to extract a variety of analyte sets from several typical matrices using an automated extraction system
  • Discover how to increase throughput and time savings and decrease user error via the incorporation of automation
  • Insight on the PFAS — a lethal ‘forever chemicals’ taint our food, water and even blood