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Decontaminating your Office during CMCO - Price Update

20 May 2020

Office Decontamination Services - Gaia Science Malaysia

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Our decontamibation process uses a Hydrogen Peroxide Solution, which is the most commonly used chemical for decontamination in Hospitals and High Containment areas.

The benefit of using Hydrogen Peroxide solutions are:

  1. Leaves no odour after the decontamination process.
  2. The chemicals are not harmful to materials in the room.
  3. Due to the enclosed decontamination room, the decontamination process will cover every corner of the room, even the most difficult to reach corners will be decontaminated using hydrogen peroxide.
  4. The hydrogen peroxide will be broken down to water molecules, leaving no harmful residue which may cause any skin or respiratory irritation.


Office sanitization service start from as low as RM 0.60 per sqft
Office sterilization service start from as low as RM 2.80 per sqft




With over 10 years of experience in the biosafety business we can help you safeguard your business and employees in this critical period.


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