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Empowering Your Neuroscience Research

26 October 2020

NEUROSCIENCE, the study of the development, structure and function of the nervous system, is a fascinating and growing field. Neuroscience research involves a wide range of experimental targets – single cells, tissues and cellular networks – that require instruments and tools of various kinds.

As we strive to be a total solution provider, we offer a vast range of instruments and accessories to support your neuroscience research, check it out!

WPI is a leading laboratory product manufacturer focused on providing our customers with cutting-edge laboratory instruments at cost-effective prices. Over 50 years ago, we designed and manufactured electrophysiology equipment. Now, we are in several areas of study, the core being in tissue and cell biology, animal physiology and electrophysiology.

Microdissection Instruments & Accessories, Fluorodish & Cell Culture Equipment, Neural Recording & Stimulation, Measuring Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity, Measuring Oxidative Stress in CNS, Stereotaxic Instruments & Accessories, Fluid Handling Solutions, etc

Logos Biosystems is dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative technologies to support the life science research community. Since its founding in 2008, Logos Biosystems has been developing a series of automated systems and imaging instruments for laboratories engaging in research with a cellular and molecular emphasis.

Tissue Clearing System, Antibody Staining Kit, Digital Cell Imaging System

Akoya Biosciences’ history represents the rapid advancement driving the field of multiplexed biomarker analysis and immunofluorescence tissue analysis. Today’s Akoya portfolio spans the spectrum from powerful tools for discovery of important biomarkers to clinical research applications.

High Throughput Multiplxed Imaging