[On-demand] The Art of Cell Culture: Cell Culture Technique & Media Selection


The Art of Cell Culture: Cell Culture Technique & Media Selection

Cells, the fundamental unit of life, are an incredibly useful tool in biological research. They serve as an imperative model system for understanding physiological processes and screening of toxic or therapeutic compounds for use in medical treatments. In addition, cells play a major role in functional enzyme, growth factor and vaccine production, along with a multitude of other uses. In order to accomplish the aforementioned practices, cells must first be cultured in an environment outside of the organism they originate. This is the process of cell culture.

This webinar will introduce the basic techniques, applications and guidelines in selecting cell culture media. It is designed for students and new lab technicians, as well as bench scientists interested in updating their techniques or knowledge in the field.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Part I: Fundamental of Cell Culture [Presenter: Dr Tan]
    • Mastering the basic cell culture techniques
    • Guidelines to maintain cultured cells
    • Applications of cell culture
    • The variation in cell culture media
  • Part II: Selecting the right cell culture media [Presenter: Ms Harper Li]
    • General cell culture media selection & preparation
    • Concerns of changing existing cell culture media
    • OneMEDIUM - A special medium as an alternative for major used basal medium
    • Products for reducing serum purposes