Ultimate Guide to Automated Cell Counting


Ultimate Guide to Automated Cell Counting

Believe it or not, all cell counters are not created equally. Ask a colleague with a handheld counter that sits in a drawer or a bench-top cell counter that acts as a paperweight and they will tell you that some cell counters don’t work as expected!

In recent years, automated cell counting has become an attractive alternative to manual hemocytometer-based cell counting because it offers more reliable results in a fraction of the time needed for manual counting; it also significantly reduces user- and concentration-dependent count variance. But with a variety of cell counting methodologies available, not to mention a bewildering array of instruments, selecting an automated cell counter to meet the exacting requirements of your busy laboratory can be challenging.

There are several automated cell counters on the market. But do you know what to look for in those systems?

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The challenges in cell counting
  • The pitfalls in manual cell counting
  • Type of dyes in cell counting methods
  • Parameters to consider when choosing a cell counter
  • Comparison between different kinds of automated cell counter


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